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As adults with ADHD we face many challenges in our daily lives. ADHD is a spectrum and each person has their own level of “different from the norm”. Really, who wants to be part of that darn bell curve anyway? Although ADHD can come with many hurdles, we can also look at it as our special “superpower”. There has been (and is) a long list of creative and successful people who can call ADHD their superpower. Understanding and education go a long way when learning to navigate a world that is not necessarily made for us. It is like being left-handed in a right-handed society. BUT…society owes us a lot of gratitude for our proverbial thinking outside of the box.

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Believe in Yourself

Reaching out into the world to attempt something new can be daunting at any age. Especially when you are an adult with ADHD and understand the pitfalls of starting a new and exciting project. It takes a glittering heap of self-confidence to even take the first step. You pray you won’t lose interest before the rewards and make it past the challenges of learning something new.


Time Management & Relaxation


Tools for ADHD can be as simple as something you find around your house. A simple kitchen timer can help keep you on task or breakup the hyper-focus to complete other pressing issues and avoid procrastination.

Look for tools that:

  • Help you manage your time

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Visually organize your project and goals

  • Daily reminders

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Task Tools for ADHD


Cork & White Board


Desk Organizer


Tangle Therapy

Books & Journals

Tools & Resources

There are so many books on the topic of ADHD that it can be overwhelming to go through the assortment and find something useful. Here are a few that we deem worthy to check out. Click on the book image and you’ll be taken to Amazon to learn more about the title.