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My New Whatever

There are days when you want to give up. The high of the new “whatever” is falling off and you are confused about the actual “work” that needs to go into making the idea happen. You can see the outcome in your mind, but the moat around the goal is filled with alligators and you just can’t deal with it. Welcome to adult ADHD.

My job is to tell others how easy it is to get organized, manage your time, and meet those big goals. This is when “fraud” slips in. We all get it at times. “What if they find out that I’m an impostor?” I may have a degree, the job experience, and excellent references, but I can’t possibly do this job today. I need help but can’t ask for it.

As a solo entrepreneur, you are only beholding to yourself and we aren’t good at that. There is no one to clean up our messes or balance our books. We know to set aside the money, so others can help us. It is sometimes the only way we can succeed. It is frustrating.

I want a job or a business as an idea person. We are great at ideas and complex concepts that require far-fetched thinking skills. Doesn’t the world see this? I want them to see it! I want to scream it from the rooftop. That will be my new “whatever.” I better put more aside more money to hire that person to get the actual work done. Welcome to adult ADHD.

Kimberly Farish is co-owner of the Inspire Vine and an adult with ADHD. She keeps a clean desk but a cluttered mind unless she’s hyper-focused.