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Social Media Vacation

My social media vacation

Into the Quiet…

It’s the new year and I’m back from my self-imposed social media vacation. I swore off Facebook. Pinterest, and Instagram for the entire month of December. I wanted to quiet my mind. Cocoon myself from the traffic of the word and listen to myself breathe. It has been a cleansing and I feel revitalized.

It has been exciting to see social media develop to where we can ingest information, ideas, and opinions from all over the world. Most of us probably don’t know where we’d be without Google to answer those most pressing questions in a debate. Pinterest or Instagram for ideas and visual beauty. However, I do still remember a book or most importantly, the National Geographic to open my mind to far-away places and exotic cultures. I have spent the month reading old copies and looking back on budding technology from years past. We’ve come such a long way in a short time.

What has been most eye-opening has been the lack of communication from “friends”. It is so easy today to have that Facebook relationship or use Messenger to check-in. Rarely do people call and if they do most people won’t answer because it is such a hassle to talk on the phone. We’ve become social hermits. This social media vacation was a type of test to see who really felt our relationship was forefront enough to try to contact me at least by text. I can tell you that it was very few.

I had a birthday in December and of course there was Christmas and the New Year. I never checked Facebook to see who sent me the obligatory happy birthday balloon post. My sister and two of my sons sent me a text. My other son called me, and one didn’t bother at all. Two of my friends sent me a happy birthday on Messenger. No Christmas messages…no New Year messages.

I’m not writing this for sympathy. I’m often just as guilty or lazy of taking the easy way out with social media relationships. It’s become normal. However, I don’t want it to become my normal anymore. Over the course of this vacation I have made it a point that 2019 would be the year of sending handwritten cards and making phone calls. Maybe even…LETTERS! I could also enclose photos like we used to do in the “old” days. I could start a trend in my circle of friends. It would be nice. Believe me, it is nice because you leave a bit of a legacy behind. Like the postcard I cherish from my grandmother written in 1929. It is tangible and can be passed down.

I would like to acknowledge my dear friend’s Anna and Dave. They invited us to spend Christmas day with them and we accepted. My kids were out of town and we did not have plans. We had a blast, drank wine and jammed on some old music. They were also the people who brought by Thanksgiving dinner for use because we were sick and could not cook or go spend it with family. There are still friends like that out there that live beyond the “click” of social media.

Social media is still part of my life. It is how I communicate my thoughts and opinions out to the world through my blog and other social platforms. I enjoy the pictures of family and friends. I look to Pinterest for craft ideas or recipes. I’ve also formed relationships with people from all over the world. Something I could not do without this technology. I just want to keep it in perspective and my friends within calling distance.

I would challenge you to try a social media vacation for some soul searching and alternative entertainment. It doesn’t have to be a full month. Even a few days can provide some relief from the busy world around us and focus our thoughts and energy to the people and things that we love.