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Breakout Your Sword

When exploring social media beyond the occasional Facebook post or tweet you notice right away that the modern landscape is enormous. It appears to represent a young person’s genre without room for one more contributor to the ocean of information, especially a baby-boomer, but I can’t and won't buy into that. It’s my self-doubt demon taking over to thwart my plans, and I have a video to edit.

Reaching out into the world to attempt something new can be daunting at any age. Especially when you are an adult with ADHD and understand the pitfalls of starting a new and exciting project. It takes a glittering heap of self-confidence to even take the first step. You pray you won’t lose interest before the rewards and make it past the challenges of learning something new.

When you are older with many productive years of valuable experience behind you’d naturally think it would be easier—It is not. Self-doubt occupies center stage and you find yourself confused about the reasons you wanted this in the first place. It is easy to see people who have already succeed and not think about the process, hurdles, and small victories they have experienced along the way. When we merely examine the outcome, it looks effortless. YouTube is full of visual and audible examples of distinct layers of success— true or otherwise. I merely want to discover the formula and set it into action.

The advantage of being older is that we can look back on our successes and failures as a history lesson and not suffer things so seriously. We can also tap into our valuable knowledge and fortitude which has faithfully served us over the years in our professional lives. The current technology is just another thing to learn and if you approach it that way it comes together. We need to use our tools to keep us on track.

I am always looking for tools that complement my learning style and keep me engaged. Noah Gray, social media guru and author of Social Media Marketing breaks down the mystery of all the platforms out there. His concise and easy to follow instructions helped me get there sooner than later.

I enthusiastically applaud the keen desire to seek out new adventures and work on your grand passion. Age is an excuse, not a truism in most cases. ADHD helps us think outside of the box and approach ideas with a fresh perspective. Self-doubt enviably rears its ugly head, but you are bigger and stronger than that monster so breakout your sword and go for it.